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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Little Birds

With the bigger kids in school, I've realized just how little I've gotten out to enjoy our yard this summer. So in the mornings I try to get out with John and James and just soak in the peace and warmth.
  "Mom!! I wanna swing weal high!" John yells, beelining for the swings. We put in a new commercial-grade metal playset last month, and oh, do the kids love it!
  I put James down by the slide and he happily pulls up and pats it, "abuh-"ing to the beat. John has hoisted himself into the lowest swing and grins expectantly. I push him a bit to get him going.
  "No, Mom! I wanna swing wee-wee-WEE high!"
  "I just have to get you going, buddy, then I'll give you an underdog!"
  He giggles in anticipation. "One," push, "two," push, "THREE!" I run behind him, then push him high and go under. He squeals as the swing twists a little on send off.
  James has found a stick and is happily sucking on it. Within a minute, John is begging to go "wee-wee-WEE high" again.
  After about 10 underdogs, I'm able to distract John enough to go forage for raspberries. Our everbearers are gearing up now and there's usually about a cup a day. I come back and push John again, then sit on the tri-swing and coax James over for some berries. John immediately notices.
  "I want some be-wies!" Everything he says (and does) is exclamatory.
  He's still swinging, so I try to get one into his hand but keep missing. Finally, I stand in front of him and tell him to open his mouth. He swings toward me and I pop a berry in. He giggles so hard he nearly falls out of his swing. This is the funniest thing he's done all day!
  James has crawled to me and is clinging to my knee, bouncing up and down for more. I put a berry into his mouth and he sucks it in, considering as he chews. So I feed my little birds, one flying and giggling his head off, the other bouncing to the "mamamam" beat. Every once in a while we get a berry that's almost an inch in diameter.
  "Wookit the honkin' hooge be-wy, Mom!" John says. "I wannit!" Am I surprised?

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  1. I'm LOVING your blog, m'dear! Love your writing... Wish we were neighbors SO badly!!! xoxo!